We’re in the middle of winter, and that has us pining for summer. When not enjoying cocktails at the Tiki Bar, it’s great to take to the water and enjoy what the shore has to offer. Here are 5 ways people around here do it:

5) Wake Boarding

The speed is exhilarating, the tricks are amazing, and it’s a great sport if you love to take GoPro videos.


4) Surfing

From Long Beach Island to the Manasquan Inlet, surfers have found Jersey to be a fun but challenging place to test their skills.

3) Paddleboarding

Paddle surfing riders stand up on the board and paddle themselves through the open ocean using long paddles.

2) Boating & Fishing

From cigarette boat races to tranquil cruises on pontoon boats and more, Jersey’s waters are famous for a reason!

1) Jet Skiing

Nobody who has ridden a jet ski feels anything other than, “Wow, that was fun!” They are fast, nimble, and a total blast.