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We Don’t Slow Down In The Fall

The peak of the summer season may be over for 2014, but that doesn’t mean we stop having fun here at Martell’s. As you can see on the Martell’s Tiki Bar events calender, we continue to feature live entertainment here on the Point Pleasant boardwalk — and we’re always adding more, so check back to [...]

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Take Care of Your Skin While Relaxing At Tiki!

Summer is in full swing! It’s the best time of year, but while it means fun in the sun, it also means paying special attention to your skin – not just because you’ll be showing more of it (we hope), but because summer can be especially harsh on your skin. If you want to look [...]

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How to Make Great Cocktails at Home!

It’s true that there is nothing better than enjoying cocktails on the beach at the Jersey Shore, especially at a great Point Pleasant tiki bar like ours, but sometimes you want to try your hand at making great cocktails at home. We’re here to help. If you want to have better drinks at home, try [...]

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